"The Beginning" was founded in October of 2009 under the direction of RayTHOMAS. We Pre-Launched on Oct., 10, 2010 at 10:10pm in Suite 210 in the Telecomm Bldg. This was called, “ACCESS GRANTED” 10-10-10-10-10 a date that will go down in history!

History of was founded in October of 2009 under the direction of Ray O. Thomas. The station had it’s Pre-Launch on October 10, 2010 at 10:10pm in Suite 210 in the Telecommunications Building.  This was called, “ACCESS GRANTED 10-10-10-10-10 a date that will go down in history!  Before there was WFSB 98.5, which was established in 1985.   WFSB was reorganized by Joseph C. Ross, May 2007 and was headed by Justin R. Rogers.  

With the addition of Mr. Thomas to the FSU Staff and his extended years of broadcasting experience, he was tasked with the responsibility to guide the student station to the next level.  The first phase on the agenda was to close the door on the past (without forgetting where the station came from) and create a New Beginning!  In creating a new beginning the station was renamed   The Bronco represents Fayetteville State University and iRadio speaks to the global Internet that the station will be broadcasting to. 

The next phase was to creatively design a functional state of the art facility that: 1. Would make the students proud of their station. 2. Give the students access to top of the line equipment and technology that would help to foster their learning. 3.  Place the student on an equal or better level as it relates to being competitive with any other learning institution or commercial/non-commercial broadcasting property.  4.  The University will be able to utilize the state of the art facility to enhance Retention and Recruitment for Fayetteville State University.  5.  Will establish as a learning lab, Mentoring (Professional Volunteers) house and launch pad for the future Broadcasters of tomorrow.

In creating a more functional design, Mr. Thomas felt the old On-Air Studio was cramped and not conducive for the aforementioned state of the art facility.  He, along with Engineer Ron D. Martin decided to move the future On-Air Studio to the bigger Classroom area and create a multi-purpose On-Air Studio that could house various styles of Programming and Visual offerings as well as occupancy.  The old On-Air Studio was converted into a Production Suite capable of doing pre and post-production work as well as a back-up On-Air Studio.

There is plenty more to write as it relates to the History of and we will continue to write it “One Day and One Student at a time!”

Posted by Ray THOMAS on May 17, 2011